Concert videos up on YouTube!

Hey folkies! =) SO! The concert went really well. Anddd I have videos to prove it! Check it out! Ethnicity concert in Wayne, NJ Enjoy! I’ve got the whole stinkin’ concert up on there! So you best be appreciative!! Haha. Peace, home dogs! Ryan #wayne #youtube #concert #video #ethnicity #Bible #church #newjersey #preakness

Concert In New Jersey!!

What do you get when you combine theatrical metal, acoustic contemporary, and progressive rock all under the heading of Biblical truths? You get Ethnicity, a Christian artist shining Light down from his Homeland, piercing into the infinite abyss of the Black Hole. The forces of darkness have too long consumed this world, and it’s time to step out of the shadows! Are you afraid of the Light? Yes, how about that, huh? I’m doing a concert in two weeks! I’m wonderfully excited. =