The Election and God’s chosen King

In the midst of the election craziness, it’s a blessing to know that God’s chosen King has come — Jesus. And he didn’t come just to make a political stand on certain hot-button issues of His day (although He certainly did speak and act bluntly and powerfully during His time on this earth, and it upset a lot of people), but He came to deal decisively with the deep-seated issue inside each one of our hearts that we would have preferred to pretend wasn’t there — our slavery to s

A Day To Celebrate Jesus

Merry Christmas, friends! 😊 This is a day to celebrate Jesus — His first coming to this earth, as a baby who would grow up for this very reason: not only to speak the words of God, not only to do the works of God, but to die as the sinless sacrifice on our behalf, to pay the fine that we owed God. We owed a massive debt to God because of all of our sins — everything we do wrong against God and against other people: lying, stealing, committing adultery, harboring anger in our

Jesus Christ, my Lover in the Forest

Wondrous life, full of simple bliss. One might say there’s happiness. If that is so, I know of one source: Jesus Christ, my lover in the forest. The trees, they stretch out across the sky, Defying gravity at soaring heights! But it’s not the trees I love the most; It’s Jesus Christ, lover of my soul. Ah! I look around, and birds I see! Some blue, some red, from tree to tree! And the birds they all share one, sweet song: Jesus Christ, with His love so strong! Temptati