A Day To Celebrate Jesus

Merry Christmas, friends! 😊 This is a day to celebrate Jesus — His first coming to this earth, as a baby who would grow up for this very reason: not only to speak the words of God, not only to do the works of God, but to die as the sinless sacrifice on our behalf, to pay the fine that we owed God. We owed a massive debt to God because of all of our sins — everything we do wrong against God and against other people: lying, stealing, committing adultery, harboring anger in our

My Prayer for an Apathetic Church

I am so terribly burdened for the state of the Church… Not the whole Church, of course, because God always has His faithful remnant, and He’s certainly doing mighty things. But for all the lukewarm and apathetic believers who care so much about all that the world has to offer — money, sports, TV, etc. — and yet don’t care about the things of God — eternal things that will last — I grieve. I pray. I sit in anguish of heart because we have an eternal hope, and yet we can’t find