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A Poem To My Father – from February 26th

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Found a really nice poemy thing from February 26th in my journal… Not all of it is necessarily how I feel right now, but it’s good thoughts, and I just really enjoyed reading it. =)

Dear Father,

You are lovely, beyond what I can say, beyond what I can know

You establish my ways and prepare my path before me

You live in splendor; my eyes would shudder to see Your face Yet You do not boast Your position; You made Yourself nothing for me

Every day You set the world in motion, in beauty, in love

You are the Father of love and it’s only pure author

Your thoughts alone can bend time and space, and Your words part the seas

The sparkle in Your eyes sets my feet in motion; the dance of my days goes on for Your praise

Every touch, every beautiful thing, each kind word, every pleasure has its origin in You and are but mockeries of Your Divine satisfaction

When my foot falters on the path, You take my hand and raise me high, lifting me up on Your shoulders to ride

I wonder, Father, if You hear me at times – not in actuality but in practicality For I live in wretchedness many days; yet why should I forsake my life?

You have made my days beautiful so that the joys are colors of light hues, and the tempestuous troubles are darker variations, all masterfully painted as a portrait of my existence, hung upon the wall of Your throne room, for I am precious in Your sight

May You be so precious in my sight!

You have certainly heard my prayers; You weigh my requests and give Your good gifts when all is ready

You hear my groanings and words of bitter sorrow; You put Your hand gently upon my shoulder and weep with me in a vacant room

You listen to me when I plead with You for the life of my friends, for the soul of my own sister

Am I a hymn-writer, O God? Father, look at how You have fashioned Your son! My pen writes in ink now – in a school in Grand Rapids, MI, on a pen from Nashville, Tennessee

I wish I could say my eyes never leave You, but my heart wanders fast. I wish I could say this world didn’t phase me, but it often has me in its subtle grasp

Why should the created thing captivate my heart and refocus my eyes away from its very Creator?

Am I simply a distractable child, never satisfied with one thing but always moving on to new excitement?

Father, help me to see all the excitement in You; hold my heart close to Yours; let us sit together and talk beside the fireplace

I am ever Yours; may it be lived out in my heart and in my life

Your son,

Ryan Vegh

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