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An Overturned Lantern

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

A lit candle atop an overturned lantern, The lantern smashed; its dim light was grimly seen A broken pattern, my hope’s been aptly shattered, But still a dying candle illuminates the unlit scene

I see it now, my life’s been completely reborn The fading embers aren’t remembered when they hit the floor I watched with eyes wide, my mind’s in a hollow disgust It looks like all my past intentions passed me when they bit the dust

Oh! A mouth full of blasphemous sand! I thought that chewing on the memories would lead me to the promised land But that was just a mirage; now I’m dying of thirst God, You gotta come and fill me up ’til I’m tot’lly submersed.

And send a curse to the lies that I keep believin’! Snip the strings that Satan’s got me on to do his biddin’, Pullin’ me all over, ’til I’m dizzy, unsure of everything that I really ought to live for I try to take a breath, but I haven’t found a cure

I pass out atop the stairs If I’m fallin’, I am unaware The voices tell me that I should be scared If I’m fallin’, I am unaware

It’s a moment where I need to trust Forget the life of only “us” Your voice tells me that I must Forget the life of only “us”

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