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Controversy and Judgment Day

You know, when it comes to controversial issues (and there are a lot of them these days!), it doesn't really matter what you or I think... It doesn't matter how this group feels or that group feels... It doesn't really matter how emotional we are or how hurt we are... It doesn't matter how unfair this life seems to be, nor does it matter what this country stands up for or stands against...

Think about it, friends. On Judgment Day, you and I are not going to stand in front of the president and give an account of your life or mine... We're not going to stand in front of an individual who is marginalized in society... We're not going to stand in front of someone of a different race or gender or sexual preference or nation or language...

We're going to stand in front of Jesus.

And for some of you, you might think, "Yes, Jesus! He knows what justice and equality is all about! He's a man of love. I'm a part of Team Jesus! If only everyone was more like Jesus."

Yes, my friends, Jesus knows justice. He judges fairly. Through God, He knows everything about each and every one of us. And although that's comforting, that's also scary. 'Cause, man, Jesus came down hard on certain people! He laid it down! And when He comes back the 2nd time, He's not coming as a gentle Lamb laying down His life, He's coming as a roaring Lion to execute judgment!

You see, although my opinion and yours, and my feelings and yours, and my thoughts and yours don't matter, there is one Person's opinion that really does matter -- Jesus'.

And -- thank God! -- we've been blessed with the criteria by which we'll be judged on that day!

It's written in the Word of God.

Each and every one of us and our opinions will pass away like withering flowers, but God's Word remains forever.

So if you hear an angry friend or angry foe spouting things about "Such-and-such is unfair" and talking about "so-and-so political topic" (or other relevant controversial issues), yes, it tugs at the heart -- yes, it can get you fired up and emotional and passionate! -- but look, we're just mortal human beings! What gets us riled up could be based on our own faulty opinions and thoughts and ideas. We're not God.

God said it this way: "Your thoughts are not My thoughts, neither are your ways My ways."

Our actions are not going to be judged on Judgment Day by our angry neighbor or our social media rival or that person we can't stand at work spouting their political views...

No, our actions on Judgment Day will be judged by Jesus Christ, based on the Word of God -- the Bible.

God has spoken. And in case you haven't noticed, the words on the pages haven't changed. So, it's up to us to get in line with what He says, or get out of the way. He is the standard, and we are His people. We are not our own masters -- (that was the first flaw of the human race!). God is our Master, the only true Lord forever, and Jesus Christ, His precious Son.

No hate, my friends -- (I love all y'all!) -- just truth. I have to deal with it, too, just like the rest of you. And believe me, there's been plenty of times /I/ have had to get in line with what God's Book says... Plenty of times.

But He's a good God, and every Word was spoken for our good, not our destruction. He doesn't write things to make us cry -- everything He does and says is because He truly loves us and knows what is best.

He made us, and He will remake us, if we let Him.


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