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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I pride myself in being different. Some people just don’t understand. They want me to fit in; They want some kind of “norm,” Some kind of control.

But my world is eccentric; My world is a circle off kilter, A strange squiggle squiggled On a crumpled piece of silk and metal, A bird of disproportionate size they tried To remain caged but failed.

This mystical falcon has flown Far higher than foreseen, Far above the safety of society.

Where else could I find my life? Where else could my wings unfold in majestic beauty?

If I must fly to the realms outside our atmosphere For my colors to vibrantly come into view, Then out I will go And let my breath be taken away That a new life may awaken within my soul; That the blackness of my being May force with all its emptiness The Spirit of God to fill the void, Drawn like a vacuum to seal the hole.

But why wait for the day When the triumph is now? Why in silent complacence linger When joy like the sun is beaming down?

I’m off this world’s circle; May I be steady on Yours, Flying eccentrically, living beautifully, Finding myself mysteriously seated Among the children of God – One among them, and God among us – A royal family ornately displayed As a peculiar treasure in a dark world – But only dark for so long.

So long! Farewell! Say goodbye to the dark world. It is only dark for so long Before the longing of God is brought to fulfillment And He strip away the strife of our torment And on in merriment we ride, Our ceaseless toils put aside, Ever and evermore to abide By the Light of His face, The matchless grace That amazes the human race, Entrenched in transforming rays That put our transient troubles to rest.

Now resting, assured In the truth of His Word We stand. Standing, but not in the least without sand – The sands that sink us, inexorably link us To the pains of this dark, sinister world; But when the sands are refined as a pearl, We find there’s a stone as a firm foundation – The only God, the only salvation – Ever to help us, never abandon Because of His love that serves to command an Army of angels, a legion above And even our hearts if we sever our tongues – Our boastful spirits that ever wreak havoc In a world where havoc is never more needed, No, never more wanted, For wantonness ever walks in the wake Of this fading, failing world so haunted.

Let me thus break my ties with this world – Here in passing but not in belonging – For my heart has a desperate longing For a homeland my eyes cannot yet see. Yes, let me disown this world, Break out of its norms and society’s circle, My feathers ruffled and wings unfurled To soar outside the limits and give A manifest look at a life off key; Let me escape the ways and pace of this place And live Eccentrically.

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