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Jesus Christ, my Lover in the Forest

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Wondrous life, full of simple bliss. One might say there’s happiness. If that is so, I know of one source: Jesus Christ, my lover in the forest.

The trees, they stretch out across the sky, Defying gravity at soaring heights! But it’s not the trees I love the most; It’s Jesus Christ, lover of my soul.

Ah! I look around, and birds I see! Some blue, some red, from tree to tree! And the birds they all share one, sweet song: Jesus Christ, with His love so strong!

Temptations come along the way Like dark, slithering, sinful snakes. They call out sweet, but I call out, too: “Jesus Christ has defeated you!”

One day soon this forest will brighten; No more shadows of death’s dark, misty haven! And there from above I will see in the sky Jesus Christ, author of my life!

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