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Jesus is the answer.

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I’m tired of all the fakeness. We’re nearing the end of the world and here we are playing games with each other, wrapped up in some drama or some gossip.

Why can’t we come together as one Body of Christ, helping each other, loving each other, and serving together – serving and being like Christ?

The road isn’t always easy – it’s been said a thousand times. But if we’re determined and stick to it, by the grace of God we’ll finish strong.

We can reach out in love, we can help out our neighbor even if it makes us look like a fool. Whether it’s the person you ignore at church, the cashier at ShopRite, or some hurting soul in school or out in the park, you can touch their heart and give them the antidote to all the hurting they’ve been harboring inside.

The antidote is Jesus.

I once heard a wonderful story – a true story, in fact, from a friend of mine. He walked into the bathroom with his son because his son had to use the bathroom. As he waited outside the stall for him, a man entered the bathroom. Somehow or other, the man and my friend got into a conversation and my friend mentioned he was a pastor. The man liked that and said something like, “Ah, that’s great! You know I always tell people,

“Jesus is the answer. …What’s the question?”

With that, he shook my friend’s hand and left. My friend was left in a bit of wonderment like, “Okay, what just happened?” but that seemingly “strange” man offers one of the most important truths in life. At the root of it all, Jesus is the answer to whatever problems we face.

In the beginning, God made us perfectly in His image. We didn’t need any help or any savior because nothing was amiss. But soon enough, Adam and Eve ate of the one singular tree that God told them not to eat of, and just as God said would happen, on that day they died – immediate spiritual death (separation from God) and eventual physical death.

Now mankind had a problem. They lost their good relationship with God and were eventually going to die, condemned to forever be tormented apart from God’s presence.

But God had a plan.

God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, who was fully God and fully man into the world. He was born of a virgin by the power of God. He came to take all our sins – the wrongs we’ve done and the right we’ve neglected to do – upon Himself and to die, paying the penalty for those sins for us. Because He was God, He lived a perfect life, completely without sin. Thus in His death, He could rightfully pay for our sins, instead of dying to pay for His own sins.

That death of Jesus on a cross allowed God to forgive us for all of our sins – whether done in the past, the present, or the future. But better still, Jesus Christ rose from the dead, conquering death, proving He was God, and offering to us new life – life that lasts beyond the death of our present bodies and on into eternity (life that lasts forever).

Now, what do you have to do to earn this? Go to church every Sunday? No. Get baptized? No. Repent of your sins? No. Give money to charity? No. Love your neighbor as yourself? No. Help out the community? No, no, no.

God came, died, and rose again out of love. That’s the only reason. You did nothing to deserve it and you can do nothing to obtain it. All He asks is that you trust in Him and what He’s done for you – His death to pay for your sins and His resurrection to give you new life – in order to obtain it. He wants you to receive salvation as a gift from Himself to you.

Do you want to be forgiven? Do you want to go to Heaven? Do you want everlasting life with the only One in all of creation who gave His life and His glory and made Himself nothing so you could be everything in Him? Jesus Christ is this person. He is the answer to all your deepest needs. He is the only one who truly and finally satisfies. He is the only one who gives purpose.

All you must do is trust in what He has already done for you, thus receiving this gift of love that He offers to you free of charge – though it cost Him everything.

If you choose to accept Jesus as your Savior, perhaps you would like to thank Him for His gift to you and His great love. Remember, God’s not a robot who only accepts certain keywords or magic phrases. Rather, He is looking at your heart. Just talk to God. Perhaps you could say something like the following (remember, the prayer doesn’t save you – it’s your faith (your trust in Him) that does – but prayer is a way to thank God for all He’s done for you):

“Dear God, thank you for showing me that I am a desperate sinner in need of a Savior and condemned to everlasting torment. Thank you for taking my sins upon yourself and paying the penalty I needed to pay. Thank you for rising from the dead and offering me life with you forever in Heaven and new life while on this earth. I receive your gift of salvation today, not by any works on my part but because of your son, Jesus Christ, and what He has done. Thank you for loving me so much! Amen.”

Wonderful! If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior today, I am thrilled beyond belief! Now God has given you a new life! He has placed His Holy Spirit inside you to guide you and comfort you and instruct you. The Holy Spirit also serves as a seal, guaranteeing that you have a place in Heaven.

All of this may be overwhelming, but take heart: Jesus is the answer for all of life’s problems. God has promised to always be with you and to work for the good of those who love Him, no matter what circumstances life throws your way.

If you have a Bible, start reading it; and if not, get one. The Bible is God’s Word. It’s all you ever need to know about life. Read it and be blessed!

I wish you great peace and joy! If you need anything, send me an email (Contact) or visit my mom’s great Christian forum for fellowship, instruction, great people and great teaching: Rapture Watch.

And remember…

Jesus is the answer.

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