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Life thoughts after watching “The Song”

Updated: Jul 1

From a journal entry on August 28, 2016, Sunday, after watching the movie, “The Song,” about King Solomon’s life in a modern portrayal.


I look back on the simple days, Before “cool” things or trying to be unique, Back when I didn’t know any better And life was a mystery;

When love for You meant writing simple words, In the hope I could set them to a tune; The days before production + perfection, Special niches and education in marketing, When all that mattered was You + me.

I didn’t know any better back then, And I almost wish I didn’t know any better now. I wrote from the heart, And it didn’t always matter if it rhymed.

They say not to call them the “good old days,” But sometimes I need to remind myself why I’m alive.

It’s not for me, It’s not for money, It’s not for getting the girls, Being popular, Or having my own unique spin on life.

It’s all about You, Jesus. I’m sorry for thinking otherwise.

Set me back on the good course. Strip away the extra things That distract me from Your Name. Oh, speak to me, God, And make it clear what I must do. I don’t want to be cool, I want to follow You.

So I’ll set my screaming aside And put away my dreams of being a rock star; I’ll stop the cryptic language And speak clearly from my heart.

I think You’re calling me to tear away Other things I don’t want to give up. Oh, change my heart and make it like Yours. Make me restless to do Your will. Set my soul on fire for Your Name. Burn me with the pain Of desiring to know You more.

Keep my eyes from distractions, And hold my hand, oh God. I am weak, and my feet are prone to slip. I can’t even breathe without You; How can I live without You?

And even in this my heart finds The twisted purpose to pursue my aims!

May my songs see no sunlight, May my voice choke in my throat, Unless my only boast Is in Christ my King.

Jesus, sweetest Name on the earth; Jesus, dwelling in Heaven’s majesty, “What a travesty,” some may say, To make Yourself a curse For my everlasting gain.

Grace, marvelous grace! But for that grace I’d be long since lost. Oh how grateful I am for the cross!

These words of my heart are coming to a close, But the tune of Your voice through eternity rolls, And some sweet day I’ll sing it afresh with You. What a marvelous day! ‘Til then, Inhabit my heart with Your song.



(And, continuing later that night…)


…My new album is going to be called:

“Back To The Basics”

The premise is to return to the Simplicity that’s found in Christ, The natural beauty of who He is And who He’s made me to be.

No microtonalism, No metal, No screaming, No hard toiling after the wind

— only the simple beauty of a heart in love with Jesus.

People don’t care about the spit + polish, Much less does God care. He just wants my heart.

Ryan Vegh


(And continuing one more time that night…)

It’s time I honor my parents… My parents prefer my hair short. My parents prefer my beard trimmed/shaved. My parents prefer me not to do metal screaming.

Why do I like to go against what they desire?

Break me, Holy Spirit, And shape me into the image of Jesus. Make me like You, oh God, That we may be one, Even as You are one.


Thus ends the journal entry…

Certainly, as you can see, the movie “The Song” stirred up a lot of thoughts in my heart. If you have not seen this movie before, go ahead and check it out. It helps you to see the harsh reality of life and realize what is truly most important. Men and women can screw up and fail, but God is ever faithful.


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