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Mother Dearest

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Mother dearest,

It’s your birthday! – A special day to celebrate just how special you’ve always been. I thank God for a great mom like you. You’re always there for me, you love me so unconditionally, and yet you’re willing to tell me when I’m straying off course.

As I grow, I see more of you in me than I had thought. I guess I’ve always had my worrisome nature from you, but there are good things, too. After all, I’m also learning to plan everything out like you do, and that comes in very handy during the school year when so much is going on and it’s easy to forget to do important tasks.

I am so glad, too, that you brought me up in the Bible, even with all the controversies with the Rapture Watch forum. It was good for me to be exposed to so much doctrine, so much Bible, so many different opinions. I feel so well-educated compared to a lot of the people here. I love being able not only to have an opinion but also to have some kind of founding basis for that opinion. Thanks for that!

I think it’s cool that you have some time now to learn musical things, and I hope that you’re able to continue to develop those abilities. It would be cool someday to sing with you. I mean, you already have a lovely voice, right? The lady at the garage sale certainly thought so! Heh.

I’m really blessed to be able to talk to you about whatever problems I’m dealing with! I don’t know how many girls I’ve talked to you guys about… My oh my. And you were such a help during the last two concerts, preparing everything and keeping me on track. You’ve helped to make me more responsible, more attentive to details, more mature.

…Oh, and your food is amazingly great! Hehe. I think I got some cooking prowess from you. My roommate absolutely loves the eggs I make him each morning. =) Hopefully the cooking class will just expand on that all the more.

I love you, mom! And I’m glad I’ll get to come back over there for Christmas break. Praise God for His grace in making you who you are and for putting you in my life!

See you soon! And have a fantastic birthday! I’m sure I’ll sing for you a whole bunch over Christmas break. Hehe.

Love you!

Your son, Ryan

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