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Orchestration of the World

Updated: Jul 1

The world is orchestrated by Your hands, Father. Standing mighty and tall, You direct each detail. Your hands flow with precision men wouldn’t even bother For laziness eats up their being, working to no avail.

All the seas roar up at Your command; The winds howl through the midnight sky. But what is the fate of man? You speak to Him, and Your words he denies.

Every inch of this planet, and all the cosmos, Listens with eagerness to Your voice. But man is defiant and eager to boast As if he, of himself, had any reason to rejoice.

You lift high the humble, and bring low the proud. You crush kingdoms and make a ruler of a slave. Your ways are far above us, hidden in shroud. The world can never know them, for it is depraved.

Why did You stoop down to us while we spat in Your face? We didn’t deserve the love You revealed. Why did we hate You when You only showed us grace? You alone deserved the love we concealed.

Yet time and time again, we see time moving on. Man never learns his lesson; His eyes are withdrawn. More than that, he is blind, though the truth’s in plain sight. Seeing without seeing, the darkness is his light.

But if ever light was light, that Light is You. In all the dark of this world, Your Word still rings true. Serving as a lantern, it lights my path, Guiding each step, showing each trap.

As said before, You command the world, And though the world ignores You, I will follow. You have a remnant who listen to Your Word, Who trust You for all things, finding comfort in sorrow.

So lead us on – give a clear command – And we’ll march on, by sea and land, Wherever You take us, by Your guiding hand, To follow, and know You, and after all, to stand.

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