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Sadness, cutting sadness

Updated: Jul 1

Sadness, cutting sadness To see the people around me Hurting so very deeply

Madness, utter madness To look for pleasure in things That only prove temporary

Oh why this restlessness in the soul? Why the striking down of towering hope? Why the weeping, wailing, endless groan?

Savages, mindless savages! That’s what we are As we tear apart each other

Friendship, blessed friendship! Can we return to this And learn to love our brother?

Oh why do we hide behind happy faces? Why the secrecy that hinders flowing graces? Why do we think we can just make excuses?

It’s not enough. It’s never been enough.

If we want real life, We must come to the light And be exposed For who we really are, All broken apart.

Pieces, shattered pieces God can pick us up And put us back together

Faithful, ever faithful Nothing’s greater than The Savior and His love

Oh what grace has been given at the cross! What blessings freely bestowed at great cost! What part can I play to save a world that is lost?

Hopeless, desperately hopeless You’ve called to me To go and reach these weary souls

Savior, gentle Savior Lead me on As I follow You… home

#hypocrisy #satisfy #grace #pleasure #temporary #hurting #restlessness #pieces #secrecy #light #sadness

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