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Testimony of Life-Change

Updated: Jul 1

I am so thankful for where God has continued to bring me in life. I was just reading over some of my journal entries from years past, and as I think back and remember, I am so glad I’m not where I was. I’m so glad that God let my path be shaped the way it’s been shaped; so glad at the failed relationships, the roads that came to nothing, the dreams that died; so glad at the worthless, sinful crap that’s been pruned right off of my life; so glad that He cared enough to have /His/ way in my life instead of my own.

And I’m glad I listened. I’m glad I listened to His gentle (and sometimes rebuking) voice as He told me I was on the wrong path, headed for destruction.

Man, I did some really dumb things. And I’ve been very selfish… Sensual, controlling, angry, petty… But God gets the glory for redeeming my life from the pit! I thank the Lord for really being my Lord, not just in name but in reality. I thank Him for getting my attention and steering me where I did not want to go, because He knew it would lead me to life – true, satisfying, eternal life.

Can I just say… Living for yourself is not worth it.

It’s not worth it to get upset when others don’t “meet your needs;” it’s not worth it to complain and talk about all the things that are going /wrong/ in life; it’s not worth it to hold bitterness in your heart or let life get you mad.

All those things can be dropped off at Jesus’ feet. As Todd White is fond of saying (paraphrasing), “When I became a Christian, God cancelled my lifetime subscription to Issues.” Or, as the apostle Paul says, in talking to believers who were literally suing each other, “Why not rather be wronged?” In other words, let people do as they will – people will do hurtful things – but you don’t need to /be/ hurt by them, and you certainly don’t need to retaliate.

All this to say, God is good. And we would really do ourselves some good to listen to Him. He really does know best. I am thankful that in spite of my shortcomings over the years, God has used me and helped me to grow, and I pray that we would all become more and more His servants and less and less of our own masters.

By His Spirit we can. Amen.

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