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The Earth Spins No More

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Waiting, waiting, waiting is mine, My fate for a moment or two. Time, time, time is sublime, Yet it infuses all that we do.

We cannot escape it, never replace it, Saying its powers are through. No, it hovers above us, dwells here among us, Impregnates our world with its views.

Viewing now, a new horizon, Rising from the vast expanse. Here for a moment am I, Here at a crossroads I stand.

A chance to begin again, Like rain falling on a thirsty ground, Renewed after the summer’s drought, Suddenly my eyes are open from the dead.

The sunrise upon a mountaintop. The beauty of Your majestic face, The sweetness of a lover’s embrace, Splendors causing my heart to stop.


One… Two… Three…

Count the seconds pass; Snatch the moments before they vanish. Grasp them in your hands and never let them go, As the world’s spin ’round its axis Finally ceases For a moment or two. All the world, and all my heart, at a stop.

And stopping here, You step in, And my world starts to begin…

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