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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Oh, how I miss, on most days, the chance to think!

To sit in silent reflection, To ponder the infinite cosmos of whim, and fancy, and fact. To laugh at the odds of inconceivable chance, To let my mind run wild, and free my mind to dance!

Then I see an open chasm in which I can dive headlong, or into which I can endlessly pile new ideas which stick along some wall or rock and present grand avenues of exploration and achievement.

To go where no mind has gone before! Or rather, to discover the Creator’s blessed shore. For though I might think to be the first to clear the brush, yet His footprints I find e’er before me!

“Where can I flee from Your presence?” Indeed, even my mind is no escape. For thought itself is a gift from Your hand, and no avenue newly uncovered has not been explored by Your gaze.

Yet raise us up to think more and grander! In seeking truth, surely You will return as the answer. But if in ignorance we continue in our fancies, little caring if we are right or wrong –nay, giving the question no thought at all– we are deserving of a judgment. But worse yet the judgment for those who take the time to think yet turn their back on the answer after it has appeared! For what reason would there be to do such a thing, unless we didn’t like that Answer?

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