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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Summer is beginning. What a great thing! Time to spend with family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of school; warm air and sunshine; going for walks, runs and bike rides. All of it is a great step away from the pace of the school year. Unfortunately, summer has its own hustle and bustle of a different variety – VBS, leading worship at church, going to different places in the US to visit family or friends or see some show or conference, helping my bro with his yoyo website (yes, I’m plugging it: =)) – but one of the biggest question marks hanging over my head in this moment is my show.

I set out this summer to work on my show. Now most people call their musical event a “concert,” but not so with me because I’m not aiming only to do a “concert” – some conglomerate of songs stuck together – but something wider in scope. I don’t want to just sing songs that have no connection to one another; I want my whole show to be a story unfolding, where each song highlights a particular moment in the narrative. Songs, yes, but also acting, dance, poetry, narrative – a grand “show.” =D

Now what’s the problem then? Why the question mark in my mind? I’m just at a loss in so many ways. I only basically have me right now to do this, and the way things look, I’m gonna need a lot more than just me on that stage to accomplish all my thoughts. And I don’t know if it’s me or the devil, but I keep hearing over and over that I just don’t have what it takes to get this done; that I can’t get all the show pieces together, that I can’t arrange things in a way that makes sense, that I can’t improve my voice, that I can’t get the show done in time.

All these thoughts are barreling me down, but I know it’s not how God would have me think. Just the fact that I’m facing this attack makes me feel like I’m on the verge of something great, something greater than I’ve ever known. The devil is scared that I’ll get closer to realizing my purpose; that I’ll be a light in this dark world to hurting souls. And seriously, when has God ever let me down? Just over the school year, He came through in ways I couldn’t have imagined, often sorting all the pieces together at the last minute – saving the day just in the nick of time. ‘Cause God is epic like that. =)

I’m realizing I need help. Fortunately now, if no one else, I’ve got my bro. He just reminded me of that today, probably accidentally, when he told me that he had gone through all my songs and analyzed them to help me figure out where to put them in the show. He wants me to analyze them, too, and compare with him, but it’s still a great help. I can tell he wants me to succeed. What blessings God has provided me! With His strength I’ll succeed. Vincerò!! =D

We’re in the fight of our lives, With unseen forces on every side. Do we see their evil eyes? Do we hear their cackling cries?

Everyone wants to live in simplicity: “I can’t be bothered with your nonsense; I sense nothing but a pretense.” But sensibly seeing they miss the transcendent, A present bent of evil sent To censor our souls and corrupt our cares, That caring may snare us into a trap.

Divinity takes you by the hand, The world unraveling like a strand, You think you can waltz right in; You’re struck down with fervid chagrin

The hording mass of black proclaims lucidity, Not in revealing themselves but in reflecting only light. Their vestige of darkness is veiled by the mind. When will we realize their evil schemes?

Look deep into the night, Turn your eyes toward the skies And realize that you are not alone. Feel the chills rush down your spine As looking up into the sky You see… a face.

A face out of place amid the stars and blackest deep, A face that seems screamingly familiar, With shrieks of despair feignly conceived To relieve you of the duties of your soul.

This face is the black hole, The absence of all that is right – a dominion – The devil himself, And his legion of minions.

He’s winking at you now; He’s nearer than you feel. Subtlety is power, Obscurity ideal.

The shroud is only lifted By a Heavenly word. Oh how Heaven is needed! And Heaven’s sword!

The sword of the Spirit, The word of the Lamb, The power of God, That great I AM, Shattering through the forces of evil, Held in the hands of his saints as they stand Unwaveringly ready, Blood on their hands.

A blood not of others, but blood from the fight, Staining themselves with the wounds they ignite – Ignited by passion, shot down from below. If ever you’ve thought to see a ghost, Now’s the time, for they lurk in the shadows, Firing out their deceptive arrows. They never call out, only whisper in secret. “They’ll never see us. We can’t be defeated!”

Shining… stopping… Hearing like a first time, Seeing with unveiled eyes, I join the royal congregation.

Armed alongside the army, Armor faithfully protecting, Ardor constantly injecting A charming harbor Of peace in the psyche Even within assailing bedlam Because of that Lamb Who’s bipolar identity is a Lion, Savagely tearing the foes in front, Leading us on, ever on, To victory

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