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The Flat Earth Awakening

There is a great move of God going on in the world. Unfortunately, like a lot of things God does, it is very controversial and at odds with the ways of the world. In the same way that taking a stand against evolution will greatly affect your worldview and make a lot of people think you to be scientifically ignorant, this issue about Biblical cosmology also has far-reaching implications and will make a lot of people your enemies… I believe this is an important truth that more

An Overturned Lantern

A lit candle atop an overturned lantern, The lantern smashed; its dim light was grimly seen A broken pattern, my hope’s been aptly shattered, But still a dying candle illuminates the unlit scene I see it now, my life’s been completely reborn The fading embers aren’t remembered when they hit the floor I watched with eyes wide, my mind’s in a hollow disgust It looks like all my past intentions passed me when they bit the dust Oh! A mouth full of blasphemous sand! I thoug

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