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The Flat Earth Awakening

Updated: Jul 1

There is a great move of God going on in the world. Unfortunately, like a lot of things God does, it is very controversial and at odds with the ways of the world. In the same way that taking a stand against evolution will greatly affect your worldview and make a lot of people think you to be scientifically ignorant, this issue about Biblical cosmology also has far-reaching implications and will make a lot of people your enemies…

I believe this is an important truth that more Christians should stand for, and yet too often it is ridiculed without investigation (this was what I did, too, at first). But if you are willing to search the Scriptures with an open heart, perhaps you will find, as I did, that I had been wrong for most of my life — the world is not a globe in a heliocentric universe; it is a self-contained system: a stationary, flat earth, with a firmament dome overtop, in which the sun, moon, and stars circuit overhead. Hell is below us, Heaven is above us. It is as simple as the Scriptures say.

We don’t need to reinterpret the Bible to match the “scientific” ideas circulating around the world; God has had it right all along. The science that opposes the Bible is nothing more than (I’m sorry to say) pseudo-science. It’s not based on testable, repeatable experiments, but on fairytale-like imaginations (which are cloaked in mathematical jargon), often derived from people who are very much anti-Christ. And unfortunately, even the Church has bought into these beliefs and now adamantly defends them. Now, I don’t mean to say that all scientists are bad. No, there are some genuine ones — even some Christian ones — of course. But unfortunately, almost everyone has bought into this idea of a heliocentric globe-earth universe, unaware (even as I was unaware) of the truth to the contrary, founded in the Word of God and in the true science to the contrary. Real science — testable, repeatable experiments — actually supports the Bible and its cosmology, even though there are people in this world who are trying to suppress the truth (Romans 1, Psalm 2).

Friends, forgive me if I’m being blunt. I guess I just find feel the urgency that it’s time I say something on this topic I find to be Biblically important. People are dying without Jesus; and God’s truth — all of His truth — is the only real truth that matters. And God can use — and has used — even truths like this about Biblical cosmology to save souls for eternity. We’ve seen people come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior because of this truth — even people who were atheists; even people who believed that aliens seeded us here on this “planet” — /these/ people are coming to know the God of creation and submitting their lives to Him in humble, repentant faith. So this /is/ important.

I’m not saying any of this in anger or in arrogance or just to stir up a pot for no good reason. But I do believe more people need to hear this truth. Truth is not something to hide under a basket and pretend it doesn’t exist. Truth is not something to be afraid to talk about. As long as there is freedom here in America (thank You, Lord!), I’m going to take advantage of my freedom of speech to proclaim God’s truth (all of His truths) for as long as I can.

So thank you, friends, for putting up with me talking briefly on this touchy subject about the earth and the heavens and posting the video linked below. You don’t have to agree with what I’ve said. If you know the Lord Jesus, we’re still brothers and sisters in the Lord, and I love you! But I do hope eventually more of my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord will take the time to look into what the Bible says (and what true science says) about the way the earth and the heavens function and what they look like. Feel free to ask me about these things in a comment or a message also; I would gladly talk to you regarding any thoughts or questions you have.

Now, may our good God give you grace & strength for each new day, wisdom to navigate this corrupted world, and great peace in knowing Him and His love & truth in greater ways. Amen.

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